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Welcome to Arain Transport Inc !

Arian Transport Inc intends to serve businesses through out All Canada with truck-based

distribution services, working with full range of fright, warehouse and logistic services, with

utilizing and supplying of transposition safety and tracking devices,

Mission !


Arain Transport Inc aims to simplify distribution of goods for independent clients & will priorities to get long term business relations with older transporting agancies and with existing distribution companies.

Arain Transport Inc's is committed to utilize latest technology in management of logistics and on-time, accurate deliveries from destination to destination throughout Canada & US reliably and efficiently.

Transportation Tracking Solutions

Being a part of the transportation industry, we know how important is to know where our freight has reached or how soon it will be delivered.

Arain Transport Inc. has used its global connections to bring in the technology to keep track of all our fleet and frights. 

To enhance you commitments with the sense of information Arain Transport presents

 "Transportation Tracking Solutions" for those who seeks the ways to be informed about their vehicles and freights, 

For further information on these solutions; Please contact our customer Service.

About Us

About Us

One of Arain Transport Inc’s director has been serving for 29 years in traffic and drivers education in several position abroad. Not only road traffic or drivers safety but safety of all the road user has been a part of his life for nearly three decades. Here he comes home with his desire of “Life Time Safe Driving” for all. 

Driving Safety

Inspired with his thought of road users safety, Arain Transport Inc. is aiming to promote defensive driving practices in all our community and aims to improve awareness of operators who joins our team.

Economical Driving

Its an open truth that fossil fuels are not only hitting our pockets hard but destroying present of our oncoming generations, everyone of us owes to our forthcoming generations a greener earth and a cleaner air, Arain Transport Inc. is committed for “Fuel Saver and Economical Driving” 

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